Author Bio for Phyllis E. Davis, writing as P.E. Davis

Phyllis E. Davis is the owner of a global online university offering a variety of courses on Classmarker.
She is recognized for her thirty-years as an expert in the field of American Business Ethics and Etiquette, and her coursework is currently taught in 71 countries. She is the author of a quiet little non-fiction business book, E2: Using the Power of Ethics and Etiquette in American Business (Entrepreneur Media – 2003)

She is the author of The Retirement Plan has co-authored five self-published e-booklets that sell globally, and are offered on the Gumroad platform. They are based on Phyllis and Colle Davis’ patent-pending technology for a popular new food-growing system called aquaponics. Their farms, Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems, are now in 50 US States, and in 20 countries throughout the world. The titles of the booklets: Commercial Aquaponics GOLD, Backyard Aquaponics GOLD, Aquaponics GOLD, Greenhouse and Warehouse Aquaponics GOLD, Solar Aquaponics GOLD. 

Phyllis Davis owns 4 companies, and is quick to say she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since 1972.

She was in the first small group for The Artist’s Way (Tarcher/Putnam Publishing, 1992) with Julia Cameron in 1989 before the book sold millions of copies and became an international bestseller. She is also mentioned in Ms. Cameron’s book. Phyllis went on to write the workshop based on the book, and has graduated more than 50,000 students from the 6-week workshop in small groups held in universities, schools, churches, private homes and hotel meeting spaces. She is passionate about issues related to the creative process in such expressions as writing, painting, sculpting, music, dance, acting, design, pottery, textile creations, and the performing arts.

Phyllis Davis, and her husband of many years, Colle Davis, have lived much of their adult lives in Southern California. In 2016, they relocated to Richmond, Virginia, and live deep in the woods of a pine forest on a fresh-water lake, with their 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dolly and Scarlet.

Colle Davis
The Ultimate Renaissance Man

Dolly (left) and Scarlet who only seem to bark
when I’m trying to write.